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SU4E Road Show #12: Reykjavík

0 Comments Date: 16 Apr 2019 Blog: Admin Manager

Step Up For Europe Road Show: Stop #12

After having crossed twelve countries on the European continent in our road show van, we finally reached our final stop in the far West of Europe: Reykjavík, Iceland!

As part of the Step Up For Europe Road Show, JCI Iceland organized a World Café for Young Adults at the University of Iceland to motivate and empower young people to share their thoughts and ideas about Icelandic politics and make a change in the political environment. Moreover, the participants discussed the common values that unite Europe like peace, equality and justice, and came to the conclusion that these strong values build the necessary fundament for the further development of the European continent towards prosperity and peace.

One of the points that we all could agree upon is the importance of passion and that those individuals who make a difference showed great passion to do so. Indeed, it is our passion to make a positive change in our European communities and step up for the European project that unites people across borders, brings citizens from different nations closer together and creates peace and understanding. It is our passion, that made us drive more than 3,000 kilometres all across Europe from East to West to talk to young Europeans in twelve different countries about the importance of a strong and united Europe as well the role and responsibility of young active citizens in shaping it. And it is our passion, that will keep us continuing to stand up for a better future of our continent and never give up to create sustainable impact and make the world a better place.

*** Let's step up for Europe together! ***

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