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From East to West: Step Up For Europe is going on a Road Show!

0 Comments Date: 29 Mar 2019 Blog: Admin Manager

Against the background of the upcoming European elections and ongoing debates, in which direction Europe will be moving, we believe that now is the time for young active citizens all over Europe to speak up and show that it is our future that is at stake. We want to have a say in political decision-making and actively shape the future of our continent!

With the Step Up For Europe campaign, JCI Europe wants to be the engine to build a European movement, mobilizing young active citizens - from young entrepreneurs to youth activists - sharing their vision for the future of Europe and presenting solutions to European challenges.

And we have big things planned for 2019! Prior to the European elections in the end of May, JCI Europe will go on a pan-European Road Show to engage young active citizens and make them commit to our campaign. We will cross 13 European countries and make stops in 12 of them to mobilize young people to participate in political decision-making processes and encourage them to stand up for their positions and discuss with them solutions to create a better future of Europe.

Throughout the tour, JCI Europe will collect the voices of young citizens in Europe, f. e. through interviews and interactive sessions capturing their vision for the continent, their wishes and dreams for the future of Europe, their personal commitments and their expectations towards politicians and policy makers. By reflecting and multiplying young people’s wishes and dreams on our social media channels, JCI Europe will create a united European voice, giving young people in Europe the opportunity to stand up and make themselves heard.

The Step Up For Europe Road Show will be a truly European experience and a symbol for both European diversity and unity by connecting young Europeans from EU and non-EU countries across borders.

Our route:

  • March 29: Ankara, Turkey
  • April 1: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • April 2: Novi Sad, Serbia
  • April 3: Timișoara, Romania
  • April 4: Budapest, Hungary
  • April 5/6: Beli Manastir, Croatia (JCI Balkan Conference)
  • April 7: Graz, Austria
  • April 8: Munich, Germany
  • April 9: Strasbourg, France
  • April 10: Brussels, Belgium
  • April 11-13: Texel, Netherlands (Democracy Alive Festival)
  • April 15: Reykjavík, Iceland
As one the highlights, the Road Show will stop at the Democracy Alive Festival on the Dutch island, Texel, where thousands of young active citizens from across Europe will gather to engage with decision-makers, political representatives, NGOs, activists and celebrate European democracy.

By visiting the final event in Reykjavík - the home of our 2019 JCI Executive Vice President for Europe, Viktor Ómarsson -  the Step Up For Europe Road Show will officially end in Iceland, having crossed the European continent from East to West, engaging young active citizens from EU and non-EU countries and sharing their vision for the future of Europe.

Access our press release here.

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