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Funny European Elections or Why it is important to vote

0 Comments Date: 29 Apr 2019 Blog: Admin Manager

Funny European Elections - a slightly different EU election campaign by JCE Beauvais

In 2014, only 23% of the people living in Beauvais* voted at the last European elections. An explanation for this is, that many people feel that they are not heard by politics and don't feel represented by the decisions taken by European Union. This is the reason why members of the local JCI Chapter of Beauvais (Jeune Chambre Économique Beauvais) decided to highlight how important it is to go vote. And they have decided to use humor to encourage more people to vote.

Through ten different drawings paired with useful information about the European elections that will be distributed to the citizens of Beauvais, they hope to increase the voter turnout especially among young people this year. Additional communication and conferences will be organized to help people understand what Europe is doing for them every day.

On 16 May, JCE Beauvais will organize the conference "Café Débat Europe - Ce que l'Europe fait pour moi, Beauvaisien" to discuss with and inform the local population about what the EU is doing for the citizens living in Beauvais. Find more information about the conference here.

In its efforts to encourage (young) people to vote at the upcoming European elections, JCE Beauvais is supported by the local administration. Thus, the first deputy-mayor of Beauvais, Franck Pia, actively promotes their initiative and voiced his support in a joint video with JCE Beauvais.

JCI Beauvais is a 45 years old non-profit organization for young active citizens aged 18 to 40, run by its members for its members. JCI’s mission is to reveal future leaders by providing opportunities to train young people to act for a better world.

*Beauvais is a young and dynamic city in the north of France, one hour away from Paris with 56,000 residents. It counts popular quarters with unemployment. Revendications of yellow vests in this city and community’s core needs show a need of education with regard to the activities of the European Union.

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